The necessity to felicitate those stars and media celebrities on their outstanding performance over the years from the view point of the non resident Indians have got the wings of fire when Asiavision decided 10 years back to Introduce the Movie award function which the Gulf Region has taken as their heart beats with so much of happiness and excitement.auditoriums and stadiums in UAE in the presence of world renowned personalities and artists as attendees.

With the event in the doorsteps of completing its success of over a decade, the excitement and fun truly turns explainable not just by words. The branding success the event has bring in for the clients over the years has turned out the property a real worth project to join hands with.

The event in turn is a hot favorite of the press, television, radio and web all across the region and the world of Indian cinema, radio and television audiences.

Organized in the middle east, it is an event like no other, that garners a truly multinational audience dancing in tune with their favorite stars.



Going to happen on 18th November 2016 Friday at Sharjah Cricket Stadium in the name of ASIAVISION MOVIE AWARDS 2016.The cross section of all India celebs are to attend the awardnite along with our prestigious sponsors and selected 50000 attendees as special invitees, which will be telecast on popular TV channels worldwide.